Month: October 2021

How to Start Restoring Old Tools

Do you have some old power tools lying around? Maybe you bought a used orbital sander at a garage sale and want to get it back up and running. Depending on the make and model, repairs can be performed with patience and some practical know-how. Older tools tend to be more durable and were designed

4 Unusual Engineering Jobs

Most people are aware of popular engineering jobs such as computer engineer, aerospace engineer and electrical engineer. However, there are many fields that utilize engineers that are not so well-known. Foundry Engineer Most industries use metal castings of some form, and they are produced in foundries. A foundry engineer is tasked with developing the plans

How To Take Care of Your Trees

Trees are gorgeous things that can live for thousands of years. They grow tall and sometimes produce hundreds of pounds of fruit. If you want to see your trees do that well, you’ll need to take care of them. Just like humans, trees need the right amount of attention, nutrients and care to thrive. So,