Author: Walter Powell

A Brief Look At German Food Imports

If you are looking to learn more about food in Germany, here are some things to know: Typical German dishes, types of imports, and exports. In addition to knowing the food culture of this country, you will also learn about its unique agriculture. As the economic “locomotive” of Europe, Germany imports about 1.05 trillion USD

4 Things To Evaluate If Your Home Is Over 5 Years Old

Like people, homes need additional care as they age. Their parts, although still functioning, may creak a bit more or start to crack. Unattended, these conditions could become worse. Then, you could face increased repair costs and unfortunate secondary damage. Get proactive. If your home is over five years old, check on the following things

The Finer Points of Removing an Oil Tank

When buildings are updated, sometimes big appliances need to get hauled away. This is fairly easy when it comes to a refrigerator or an oven. Removing an oil tank, however, comes with issues that removal specialists, rather than movers, must deal with.  Why Remove an Oil Tank? There are lots of reasons why an oil

How To Make Your House More Durable

There are several reasons why you might want to make your house more durable. Maybe you live in an area that’s prone to extreme weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes or blizzards. Alternatively, maybe you’re concerned about a recent increase in crime in your area. Whatever the reason, here are some of the best ways in

Dredging Ponds for Maximum Capacity

Sedimentation is the process of sand and other materials settling at the bottom of a body of water. It occurs naturally as water or wind carries these tiny particles of earth or rock. They build up in the depths of ponds, lakes, streams, even. They’re one reason why dredging is such a prevalent process worldwide.

Health Benefits of Wine

Wine is a drink loved around the world. If you’re unwinding after a long day or getting together with old friends, there’s a good chance that wine will be on the table. Those looking for a wine health boost will be excited to know that there are several health benefits to drinking wine. From sunburn prevention to

Overlooking This Security Practice Could Be Costing You

As an employer, your background check process is an investment in the safety of your workplace and the quality of your workforce. You want to be sure that you’re getting candidates who are trustworthy and capable of meeting the expectations that you set. So, it is imperative that your background check process is as thorough

Things To Think About When You Want To Open a Real Estate Office

Are you a successful realtor who is ready to open up your own office? Many real estate professionals dream about the day when they can open their own office to help people find homes in their area. Some realtors choose to partner with other professionals when they open a business, and other ones prefer to

Knowing When to Replace Your Computer

With technology being a large part of everyday life, from smartphones to school needs, and the office, it’s no wonder you use it so heavily. Having a computer, whether desktop or laptop, is almost a staple for home life just as much as it is for work. If you’re a parent, then it’s likely you’ve

Things To Consider When Starting a Farm

Starting a farm is a rewarding endeavor for many people, but novices often open farms without a plan. Some people look at farming as a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors without understanding the toil involved. Others get so wrapped up in day-to-day tasks that they overlook the larger picture when it comes to farming.

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