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Benefits of Stellite Welding in Machining

Here’s an overview of the benefits of stellites in machining. You’ll learn why stellites are important in several different engineering applications. Learn about the different types of stellites and the advantages of each type of stellite-welding process. And learn about the advantages of the Co-6 alloy. This article will also provide some helpful tips on

Knowing When to Replace Your Computer

With technology being a large part of everyday life, from smartphones to school needs, and the office, it’s no wonder you use it so heavily. Having a computer, whether desktop or laptop, is almost a staple for home life just as much as it is for work. If you’re a parent, then it’s likely you’ve

Different Types of Deflection Gauges

When you have damaged pipes, it’s important to choose the best deflection gauge for your circumstance. There is a wide range of options on the market, with each gauge fitting a specific purpose. Having a clear understanding of your problem and what needs to be done can help you repair your pipeline as efficiently as

How to Start Restoring Old Tools

Do you have some old power tools lying around? Maybe you bought a used orbital sander at a garage sale and want to get it back up and running. Depending on the make and model, repairs can be performed with patience and some practical know-how. Older tools tend to be more durable and were designed

4 Unusual Engineering Jobs

Most people are aware of popular engineering jobs such as computer engineer, aerospace engineer and electrical engineer. However, there are many fields that utilize engineers that are not so well-known. Foundry Engineer Most industries use metal castings of some form, and they are produced in foundries. A foundry engineer is tasked with developing the plans

Your Guide to Two-Way Splitters

The most common RF splitters that can both combine and divide signals are two-way devices. However, if you’ve never heard of this device, there are a few things you will want to know before you dive into using them.  Additional Insertion Loss While each splitter will give you an expected insertion loss, these devices will actually lose

How to Get Extremely Concise Items Made

Making tools, parts, and other items that need to be made to have small and intricate measurements can be difficult. It can be almost impossible to do by hand. Luckily, both new and old machines can help to make the process move along seamlessly. Injection Molding Companies and people who need to produce a product

What Business Owners Need To Know About Oil Water Separators

Being an entrepreneur can be rewarding in numerous ways, but it also requires a great deal of effort and attention to detail. For instance, some businesses must purchase and utilize equipment that doesn’t perform a vital service for the company, but rather protects the environment. Oil water separators, for one, are required in certain industries,

5 Ways to Spruce Up Existing Concrete

Concrete has been used the world around since antiquity for its durability and versatility. However, it is not impervious to all damage and can become worn or broken under certain conditions. When that happens, concrete resurfacing Longmont CO companies can do wonders to bring concrete back to life in these five ways. Resurface Garage Floors Garage floors